Our story

Hirica's creation

Hirica's story begins in the South of “les Landes”, in Saint-Vincent de Tyrosse. Founded in 1904 by the Hirigoyen family, the brand quickly made a name for itself thanks to its revolutionary vision at the time: to combine quality and style in a shoe of unparalleled comfort. The models are handmade by the best craftsmen and all material is carefully selected to be used with the greatest attention.

Quality, comfort and style: the hallmarks of Hirica.

The success was immediate, the brand spread across the world and became the benchmark for all women who demanded comfortable and stylish shoes. More than 110 years later, in 2016, the company is bought and the collections are modernized and adapted to all women, regardless of their age or style. Impeccable quality and attention to detail remain at the center of the design of each model, with the aim of meeting the demands of modern and feminine women.

« Hirica shoes aren't just comfortable, they're stylish, they're feminine. »

Jean-Christophe PETRON, Président

Quality at a competitive price

Each season, Hirica designs exceptionally comfortable shoes, while following current trends. Feminine and functional, our shoes are recognized worldwide for their quality at competitive prices and their timeless design.

Give your feet the comfort and style they deserve!